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In March 1947, there was another rebellion, this time in French Madagascar, where 37,000 white colonists lorded it over 4.2 million black subjects.

In the course of restoring control, the army killed 90,000 people.

She won the Most Popular Actress Award at the 2004 TVB Anniversary Awards for her role in War and Beauty.

Lai also performed in several box office hits, including the Young and Dangerous film series.

The French went home, leaving South Vietnam in the hands of their appointed ruler, the puppet emperor Bao Dai, who appointed Ngo Dinh Diem as prime minister.

Diem made himself a dictator, though his people were never reduced to anything like the same depth of hunger as Ho Chi Minh’s. Many wise people saw from an early stage that for all the horrors of Ho’s rule, his victory over the French had given him an unchallengeable claim to become the voice of the Vietnamese people. President Lyndon Johnson urged, cajoled, bludgeoned British Prime Minister Harold Wilson to send even a token contingent of soldiers to support the Americans — ‘a company of Gurkhas would be enough’ — but arguably the best service Wilson ever rendered was stubbornly to refuse.

The communists were left to do as they chose in North Vietnam, which meant killing landlords and ‘class enemies’ with a ruthlessness that accords ill with the foolish popular image of a benign ‘Uncle Ho’.

They are among the most haunting images of our times: the whirling rotors of helicopters over brilliant-green jungle; sheets of flame from exploding napalm; screaming and terrified children; stressed-out GIs in helmets and flak jackets emptying M16 rifles into the yonder.

The 1960s Vietnam conflict was by far the most influential clash of arms that has taken place since World War II. as never since its 19th-century civil war, destroyed one president and contributed to the downfall of another.

In her early acting career, Lai turned down roles that she felt compromised her public persona.

However, she overcame her "superficial and childish image" later and began to embrace many critically acclaimed roles.

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