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Not too much activity but if you catch it at the right time you may luck out. Just as you enter the park on the left after the first hill -- pa... I was there one time and saw two cop cars cruise the place in under an hour. Major Cincinnati Police sex sting now going on here and at Mt. I went there around midnight and it was super-hot, especially the trail by the fountain on Ludlow. When it first opened it was very cruisy, but not any more. They will usually shine lights on you and/or ask you to leave. Not too much foot traffic in this building in the ... One of the cops got out of his car and talked to some guy that was just si... Even the bathrooms were mysteriously open although no one was inside. I attend UC and there are occasional stakeouts in Burnet Woods but the intent of the Cincinnati Police is to stamp out auto break-ins along MLK. They Hyde Park/Norwood location which is less than a mile away is... Jenkins and Haynes were previously indicted on child sex trafficking charges in July.Explore and exploit the possibilities inherent in the collision of language and visual expression.We encourage a healthy level of personal and professional time, and offer wellness programs to assist our employees in maintaining a work/life balance.

Our test are as thorough as it gets, by partnering with many different labs and collections sites around the area, you are never further than a couple miles away.

The Internal Training and Development Department offers training sessions that foster a safe, healthy working environment, and helps our employees build their professional skills.

“Empowering Leaders, Releasing Passion, Inspiring Excellence” is the hallmark for our Internal Training and Development Department.

We respect and cultivate our many differences, but find unity in our work at the Freestore Foodbank, “to be the leader of a community mobilized to end hunger and address its causes.” Being a part of the Freestore Foodbank team can include positions in any of the following divisions…

We offer a competitive benefits package to both full-time and part-time employees*.

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